Will my abortion GP medical records?

Your hospital or clinic doesn’t have to tell your GP. Many abortion services like to tell your GP out of courtesy, to provide information in case you have any health problems after the abortion, and to allow your medical records to be updated. They can only do this with your permission.

Are abortion records confidential?

Keeping Records Confidential

Abortion clinics maintain private records and keep medical histories and abortion records completely confidential. Information on each patient is only used for medical purposes, patient treatment, and for billing.

Does a doctor have to release medical records?

Under HIPAA, they are required to provide you with a copy of your health information within 30 days of your request. A provider cannot deny you a copy of your records because you have not paid for the health services you have received.

Does Planned Parenthood share medical records?

We may disclose health information about you to doctors, nurses, technicians, health students, volunteers or other personnel who are involved in taking care of you.

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Can abortion records be subpoenaed?

The medical records, he said, can’t be sought until the women are asked whether they have ever had an abortion, how many and where. … Further, he said, the records wouldn’t be made public and may not be admissible during trial.

How soon can I get pregnant after abortion?

Having an abortion doesn’t affect your fertility in most cases. You can actually get pregnant just a few weeks after having an abortion, even if you haven’t had a period yet.

Can pelvic ultrasound detect abortion?

Ultrasonography is commonly used to evaluate the success of medical abortion. The primary purpose is to confirm that the gestational sac has been expelled. The endometrial thickness is also commonly measured to quantify the amount of tissue and debris remaining within the uterus after expulsion of the pregnancy.

Can a doctor refuse to release medical records to another doctor?

Unless otherwise limited by law, a patient is entitled to a copy of his or her medical record and a physician may not refuse to provide the record directly to the patient in favor of forwarding to another provider.

What happens to medical records when a doctor retires?

If your doctor is retired or no longer seeing patients, your records are still maintained. A doctor’s office generally has 30 to 60 days to provide you with copies of your medical records after you ask. When you pick up your records, come prepared to provide your identification and signature.

Can a doctor’s office charge for medical records?

Can a doctor charge me for copies of my medical records or x-rays? Yes, pursuant to Health & Safety Code section 123110, a doctor can charge 25 cents per page plus a reasonable clerical fee.

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Can I go to Planned Parenthood without my parents knowing?

You don’t need to be accompanied by an adult to visit a Planned Parenthood health center. You can just go by yourself.

Can you just walk into Planned Parenthood?


All of our services require an appointment. Walk-ins can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. In order to ensure you are seen in a timely manner, an appointment can be made over the phone or online.

Can you go to Planned Parenthood anonymously?

All of our calls are anonymous, confidential, and 100% free. Call us with your questions at 800-258-4448. New from Planned Parenthood Federation of America: Chat.

Is pregnancy protected under Hipaa?

The Privacy Rule excludes from protected health information employment records that a covered entity maintains in its capacity as an employer. … For example, if during their conversation about the upcoming long weekend Roger discloses to his manager that his wife is pregnant, the HIPAA Privacy Rule does not apply.