What animals can pause their pregnancy?

Most carnivores can pause their pregnancies, including all bears and most seals, but so can many rodents, deer, armadillos, and anteaters. More than a third of the species that take a breather during gestation are from Australia, including some possums and all but three species of kangaroo and wallaby.

Can female kangaroos pause their pregnancy?

This ability to suspend a pregnancy is called embyonic diapause and almost all kangaroos and wallabies are capable of it. The advantage to this is that mum can replace a joey very quickly if she loses one.

How some mammals pause their pregnancies?

In the wild, some animal embryos will delay implantation until their mother has enough energy and nutrients in her body to support them. Starvation or other stresses somehow provoke an embryonic stop-time.

How long can Kangaroos pause pregnancy?

However, gestation can be extended for up to 11 months by the imposition of a period of developmental arrest known as embryonic diapause. Diapause may be under either lactational or seasonal control, and in the kangaroos and wallabies these effects are mediated by prolactin and melatonin, respectively.

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Which animal can delay birth for up to 2 years?


Armadillos are used in leprosy research because they are the only nonhuman animal known to get the disease. Armadillos, like a few other mammals, have long been known to delay the implantation of early embryos into the uterine wall for three to four months.

What animal does the male get pregnant?

In all of the vast animal kingdom spanning the planet, seahorses (and their pipefish and sea dragon relatives) are the only species whose male members give birth to young.

How many babies does a kangaroo have in a lifetime?

If an Eastern Grey Kangaroo doe only raises its first joey to the pouch-emergent stage by 3.5 years of age, and finishes breeding at around 12 years of age, she is only likely to produce 8 young in her lifetime. If 75% of joeys are likely to die, this leaves only 2 young to survive to adulthood.

Can you pause pregnancy?

Not all pregnancies progress as one continuous event. For some species, the mother can pause her pregnancy. Mammals pausing their pregnancies is aptly called embryonic diapause. Embryonic meaning it occurs when the growing baby is only a few cells old.

What is the longest animal pregnancy?

The African elephant has the longest gestation period followed by the Asian Elephant & Sperm Whale.

Rank Mammal Days
1 Elephant (African) 645
2 Elephant (Asian) 617
3 Whale (sperm) 480–590
4 Rhinoceros (black) 450

How many months is a gorilla pregnant?

Gorilla moms have a roughly 8.5-month long gestation period, and infants weight about 1.4 – 1.8 kg (4 lb) when they’re born. That’s half the weight of the average human infant! However, gorillas grow faster and reach maturity around 12 years old.

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Do Kangaroo babies poop in the pouch?

A kangaroo’s pouch opens upward but dirt comes still into it. The pouch is also the place where kangaroos raise their joeys. … Joeys poop and pee into the pouch and that means mother kangaroo has to clean the pouch regularly. The mother also cleans the pouch the day the new joey is born.

What animal is always pregnant?

The swamp wallaby is the only mammal that is permanently pregnant throughout its life according to new research about the reproductive habits of marsupials. Unlike humans, kangaroos and wallabies have two uteri. The new embryo formed at the end of pregnancy develops in the second, ‘unused’ uterus.

Are kangaroos always pregnant?

The female kangaroo is usually pregnant in permanence, except on the day she gives birth; however, she has the ability to freeze the development of an embryo until the previous joey is able to leave the pouch. This is known as embryonic diapause, and will occur in times of drought and in areas with poor food sources.

Can an animal be born pregnant?

Conception is typically impossible while a female mammal is pregnant. “There are a whole range of reasons why you don’t want to conceive during active pregnancy,” Menzies says. Part of that is anatomical. Most animals have one uterus, or womb; if a developing embryo is already there, there’s no room for more.

Can elephants delay birth?

Elephants have the longest gestation period of all mammals, carrying their young for 18 to 22 months before giving birth. Long developmental periods are common among highly intelligent animals.

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What is a pregnant pause?

Using the word ‘pregnant’ as ‘full of meaning’ goes back to the 15th Century. A pregnant pause is a silence full of potential in the way a pregnant body is full of a new human being. A pregnant pause leaves the listener full of anticipation, just like a pregnancy is full of excitement about the forthcoming baby.