What is a summer baby?

Once a summer baby, always a summer baby. In other words, children who are born in the hot, sunny days of June, July and August are going to be happiest in the fun and sun. They won’t really adjust well to the winter.

What months are summer babies born?

Summer: It’s mostly glad tidings for June, July and August babies. No SAD for you — at least nothing caused by the light levels after your birth, though there may be some impact from mom having carried you in December, January and February.

What are summer babies?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disorder that’s akin to depression—sometimes severe—due to the changing of the weather and the diminished amount of daylight. Studies have shown that babies born in the summer are less likely to have SAD than winter babies.

Are summer babies smarter?

According to their research, moms who got pregnant any time between June and August gained more weight during their pregnancies and gave birth to infants who were, on average, about eight grams heavier than those born in other months. 6. They’re smarter — if they’re female. … Summer-born women had more!

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What are July babies called?

July babies’ horoscope sign is Cancer or Leo.

If your baby is born between July 23rd and 31st then he or she is a Leo.

Which birth month is the luckiest?

People born in May consider themselves to be lucky.

The findings showed that people born in the summer were more likely to consider themselves to be lucky compared to those born in the winter. May-born respondents said they were the luckiest, while people born in November were the most pessimistic.

What is the richest birth month?

June is the birth month of some of the world’s richest billionaires. The most moneyed Geminis and Cancerians on the planet, these lucky summer babies were either born with a silver spoon in their month or worked hard to get what they have.

What is the rarest birthday?

This Is the Least Common Birthday in the U.S. (No, It’s Not Leap…

  • November 23. …
  • November 27. …
  • December 26. white hands opening ribbon on gift wrapped present. …
  • January 2. Candles on Birthday Cakes. …
  • July 4. fourth of july party. …
  • December 24. christmas dinner. …
  • January 1. girl on her 18th birthday. …
  • December 25. Average number of births per year: 6,574.

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What month is it best to have a baby?

August and September are the most popular months currently to have a baby. [x] Having a summer birthday means school’s out and a birthday party can be filled with outdoor fun. Fun Facts: Nearly half of all presidential first ladies were born in the summer.

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Are summer babies at a disadvantage?

Multiple studies have shown that summer births are educationally disadvantaged, so rather than increase the gap, what can we do to improve their chances? … Yet in terms of education, summer births are disadvantaged. These children have had the least development time before they start school.

Are summer babies healthier?

They found that babies born in summer months fared better on three health fronts: birth weight, height and age of puberty. Their research builds on other studies that have also suggested summer may be the optimum time to give birth. Babies born in June, July and August were more often a healthy birth weight.

What being born in July says about you?

People born in July are often ambitious but generous. They often inspire others and tend to take charge in the workplace, all traits of a good leader. Look up and you’ll see them!

Are summer babies born earlier?

Pregnant women are more likely to give birth early during a heatwave. Being pregnant during the summer months can be a challenge. … Experts have found that heavily-pregnant women are more likely to give birth early when temperatures reach 32C for three or more days.

Is it rare to be born in July?

10 Least Popular Birthdays

Christmas, New Years, Christmas Eve, July 4th, Halloween, and some suspiciously Thanksgiving days all make the top 10 least common birthdays.


People born from July 1st to July 22nd are members of the Cancer zodiac sign. A person born under Cancer can be identified by their emotional and intimate nature. For those born after July 22nd to July 31st, they are a part of the Leo zodiac sign.

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Is July a good month to have a baby?

They found that babies conceived in summer months (June-August) were almost a third of an ounce (8 grams) heavier than babies born in other months.