How do you puree baby food without a blender?

Put in the pot and add some water. Boil until it gets very soft. It should be able to break at easily when touched with a spoon or fork. Mash the apple pieces with a fork thoroughly then you can feed your baby.

How do you blend baby food without a blender?


  1. Cut the potato into quarters and put into a pot with enough water to cover. Cover and bring to boil on high heat. …
  2. Drain and cool to handle.
  3. With very clean hands, peel the skins from the potato and discard. …
  4. Refrigerate up to one week.
  5. Serve 1-2 tablespoons at a time for 6-8 month old baby.

How do you puree food without a blender?

If you don’t have a blender at home, there are many different appliances that you can use, such as:

  1. Immersion blender.
  2. Hand mixer.
  3. Stand mixer.
  4. Food processor.
  5. Mortar and pestle.
  6. Food mill.
  7. Grater.
  8. Grinder.

Can you puree by hand?

One of the most popular uses for a food processor is to puree food, but you can do it by hand if you need to. To start, simmer, boil, or stew the food until it’s soft and almost falling apart. Then, mash the food with a fork or a potato masher until it takes on a smooth, even consistency.

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What can I use to blend baby food?

Cook the food, let it cool a bit, toss it into a blender or food processor and puree away. You can also use a stick mixer or an immersion blender. Puree and blend your baby foods as your creativity and your baby’s age allows. Don’t be afraid to puree sweet potatoes together with apples for example.

Can I make baby food with a blender?

Best Way to Make Baby Food

I’ve found that the easiest and most approachable way to make baby food is to simply use a blender. With fresh ingredients and a little water, breastmilk, or formula to thin it as needed, you can easily make your baby meals without investing in equipment you may not use very long.

Can you puree food in a blender?

A blender can make a delicious creamy soup and make your own baby food, a blender is all you need to puree food, smoothness, and a good choice for more complex foods. You can easily puree fruits, vegetables, and even meat with a little liquid in the best vegan’s blender.

What can I use if I don’t have a food processor or blender?

9 Food Processor Alternatives

  • Blender. The easiest and most effective replacement for a food processor would be a blender. …
  • Mixer. …
  • Chopper. …
  • Grinder. …
  • Large grater. …
  • Mortar And Pestle. …
  • Rolling Pin And Plastic Bag. …
  • Cook Until Soft.

How do I puree carrots without a blender?

Carrots are soft when cooked and puree to a smooth consistency. Put the carrots into a steamer set over boiling water and cook for 15 to 20 minutes until tender. Alternatively put the carrots in a saucepan and pour over just enough boiling water to and cover with a lid, simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until soft.

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How do you puree tomatoes without a blender?


  1. Wash and remove the seeds from the tomatoes. …
  2. Cut them into small pieces.
  3. Boil on medium heat till soft. …
  4. While still hot, pass the boiled tomato pieces through a sieve with a wire mesh. …
  5. When done, you’ll have very smooth tomato puree in the pot and tomato skin in the sieve.

Can you puree with a whisk?

Use ample warm liquid (water, stock, …) to thin it from mash to purée as you go along, and a generous knob of butter wouldn’t hurt if your recipe will accommodate it. Once the purée is thin enough, a bit of brisk work with a wire whisk should take care of any little irregularities.

How do you puree strawberries without a blender?

6 Easy Ways to Puree Strawberries (Without a Blender)

  1. 1 – The Muddling Technique. This is a technique that is used mostly by bartenders when making delicious cocktails, but it can also be used in place of a blender. …
  2. 2 – Using a Food Mill. …
  3. 3 – A Sieve. …
  4. 4 – Use a Food Processor. …
  5. 5 – Use a Chef’s Knife. …
  6. 6 – Steamer Basket.

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What’s the difference between a food processor and a mixer?

Food processors are more of a general tool to cut down prep time in the kitchen, with a focus on chopping, slicing and blending. … A good food mixer is a must-have for baking prep. Whipping eggs, folding in flour and kneading can make baking a bore, and food mixers can do them all with ease.

Are baby food makers worth the money?

Though pricier than most other baby food makers, you may find that you reach for this appliance long after your little one stops eating baby food. … I think that it is completely worth the money because it does it all in one and I don’t have to pull out my food processor and steamer and everything else all at once.

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Is homemade baby food healthier?

Homemade baby food is generally more nutritious and tastier than commercially processed food if it is fresh and made from whole foods and nothing else. When cooked in bulk, it is cheaper than commercial options. And you can control the quality of ingredients when you make your own.

How do I make my baby puree smooth?

Place cooked produce into a blender or food processor. Turn on and puree until smooth. Add liquid (water, breastmilk, formula, stock) in small increments if needed to help smooth out the puree.